Danish NL regular 2012 Towers vs. Razorbacks 36-35

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The Danish National League 2012 looks very strong with both the Triangle Razorbacks (White and balck) and Søllerød Gold Diggers in the EFAF Cup final, but the Copenhagen Towers (Purple) have defeated them both in the 2012 National League season in Denmark.

Danish National League 2012 August Standing/Records

Copenhagen Towers 9-0
Triangle Razorbacks 8-1
Herlev Rebels 6-2
Søllerød Gold Diggers 5-3 (EFAF Cup 2012 winners)
AAB 89'ers 5-4
Amager Demons 3-6
Esbjerg Hurricanes 3-6
Odense Swans 2-7
Aarhus Tigers 2-7
Copenhagen Tomahawks 1-8

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